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Bleach Fanfiction // Closet Games // Chapter 3

Author: Darkprism
Title: Closet Games
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Renji & Byakuya (Ren/Bya & Bya/Ren)
Word Count: ~44,000 in total
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, language, mild kink, toys, voyeurism, did I mention sex? There's lots of it.
Notes: This story is set in my world, Monoshizukanohi. There are minor references to Naruto characters as they exist in that world.

Life's good for Abarai Renji and gets better when he meets a mysterious man in a bookstore erotica aisle. But what starts out as a casual fling quickly turns into something more. Who is this man who refused to tell Renji his name? And what will Renji do now that he's fallen for him?

Without breaking eye contact, Renji reached down to lift his shirt and slowly undo his belt. The buckle made a quiet clank as Renji pulled the leather free. He left the belt hanging and undid the top button on his jeans before tugging his shirt down again. With slow fingers, Renji began to undo the buttons of the black shirt, starting at the bottom. He didn’t try to look seductive or like he was doing anything unusual; instead, he smiled warmly at Byaku – friendly, inviting.

The brunette licked his lips but otherwise remained silent and still.

Undoing the last button, Renji undid the cuffs and then slid the shirt off his shoulders, taking his time to pull on the sleeves individually so that the arms stayed right-side out. Renji laid the shirt on the couch with a casual toss of his hand. Beneath the button-down he wore a black, sleeveless undershirt made of some sort of clingy material. Renji yanked it roughly out of the waist of the jeans and pulled it off and over his head, purposefully contracting abdominal muscles as he moved. He threw the undershirt on top of the outer one with casual indifference, one hand coming up to idly scratch at his stomach before he returned his gaze to Byaku’s.

Gray eyes wandered and once again Renji got the impression that Byaku was doing more than merely looking: he seemed to be memorizing. That was fine with Renji, who just smiled again before he slowly undid the other three buttons of his fly. With a modicum of grace, Renji stood on his right foot and yanked off his left pants leg. He repeated the move on the other side and added the jeans to the pile of clothing. The black boxers were last, and Renji wet his lips with downcast eyes as he slid his fingers under the elastic and jerked them over cock, down legs, and then away from his body.

“So many…” Byaku said softly, and Renji’s eyebrows went up for a second before he realized the brunette must be referring to the ink.

“Old roommate’s a tattoo artist among other things,” Renji said with a shrug, comfortable in his nudity even with the impressive erection. “He’s fixed the early ones he screwed up, though.” Renji smiled and watched Byaku look at him. It was nearly…innocent, which threw Renji a bit.

“Like ‘em?” Renji asked casually, as he intently studied the brunette. Byaku said nothing but closed the distance between them, eyes following the sweeping lines of the tribal tattoos that ran over Renji’s neck, shoulders, chest, back, arms, and thighs.

“Turn around,” Byaku requested quietly without answering Renji’s question. The redhead gave a low little laugh and obeyed. Immediately he felt cool fingertips near his spine, tracing the lines that pointed inward along the sides of the vertebrae. Renji felt goose bumps break out over his skin as Byaku trailed his fingers downward, following pattern like a map, until he lightly grazed the two pointed ends that stopped at the top of Renji’s ass.

“Byaku-” Renji began. To tell him what, exactly, Renji didn’t know or remember as in that instant he heard the high whine of silk being untied and fabric rustling behind him. The kimono seemed to float to the couch to land, and Renji watched its descent as he felt a warm body press against his back. Renji’s eyelids fluttered as lips brushed with the lightest of pressures, hands came around to carefully touch Renji’s chest and dance along his ribs, and a hard length pressed into his lower back and behind.

“I like them, yes,” Byaku replied, brushing his cheek against Renji’s shoulder. Renji started to turn, but Byaku stepped away and walked by the redhead on his way to the smaller bedroom Renji’d seen when he first arrived.

Renji’s feet moved before his brain gave the command, and all he could see were miles of smooth skin and the movement of an intensely perfect ass as Byaku led him into the bedroom. Yeah…Renji could follow that ass for days and not give a shit where they were going.

Registering a king bed with the covers pulled down, a glowing lamp on a bedside table, and a large window covered in a sheer curtain, Renji mapped the room at large before tossing that aside to note the details.

A tube of lube perched near the lamp and on the bed was a puddle of what looked like red silk next to a small pile of thin cord. The warm light made interesting shadows, and Renji realized the lamp was purposefully flickering – like fake firelight. He blinked at the odd touch and then noticed that the bed had no headboard and screwed into the wall just behind a bank of pillows was a metal hook.

Renji rather doubted that was standard in the penthouse suites. But then again: the staff did say they’d do anything to make the guests happy…

Byaku sat down on the edge of the bed, one knee bent to rest on the mattress and the other foot on the floor. “Sit,” Byaku said, gesturing. He grabbed the red fabric while Renji joined him on the bed.

“What are we doing?” Renji asked to fill the silence, watching as Byaku unwound a long length of red silk. Renji knew the answer to that question more or less: get tied up and give a shout when he was close? Yeah, Renji knew where this was going.

“Humoring me,” Byaku nearly muttered, and Renji looked up sharply at the tone. Byaku didn’t meet his gaze, and Renji’s eyes narrowed. Something was…off. Not bad, not anything to get his balls in a twist about but…

He’s nervous. The beautiful man now wrapping a piece of silk around my right wrist is nervous as hell.

The insight didn’t disturb Renji; he loved that he could apparently unnerve this man even if nobody else on the damned planet could tell Byaku was, in fact, bothered. But he didn’t like Byaku worried or uncomfortable about all this. Renji wasn’t opposed to a little non-painful kink, and he was hardly in any position to judge such things considering his sex-in-public tendencies.

To ease the tension and show that he was a willing participant in this game, Renji reached and grabbed the other bit of fabric. He clutched an end in his palm, brought the hand up to his mouth, and then began to wrap silk using his teeth.

Byaku paused to watch, obviously fascinated.

“Broke my right hand in a fight when I was sixteen,” Renji explained when he was finished. He let the fast-wrapped wrist fall to rest on his left leg, the loose end of the silk dangling. “Used to box and wrestle in high school, and didn’t want to lose my edge. Learned how to wrap one-handed.” Renji grinned. “It’s a bitch to tie it off, though. Might need some help.”

Byaku chuckled a little and cocked a brow as he tied the fabric on Renji’s right wrist before picking up the loose end on the left and tying it, too. Renji’s trick seemed to work; Byaku’s shoulders weren’t up around his ears, and a little smirk played on his lips.

Renji’s breathing got a little faster when Byaku grabbed both Renji’s wrists and placed them side-by-side. He picked up the narrow cord – a long, soft, leather strip, actually – and stared down intently as he set about binding Renji’s wrists together. Pale fingers skimmed over silk and skin, and Renji noticed that they shook ever-so-slightly; just like they had back in the bookstore.

Bet that only happens when he’s nervous.

“Is this really necessary?” Renji asked. The night didn’t have to go like this, and what they were doing seemed to be outside of Byaku’s comfort zone and a little beyond Renji’s realm of normal. Renji sure as hell knew that while the lack of flex in the leather made his dick twitch and his skin flush, it also had his brain shouting warnings.

“I think so, yes,” Byaku replied. He looped cord and began to tie an insanely complicated knot.

Renji grunted. “And how long do I humor you before you cut this off and I fuck you into next week?”

Byaku looked up sharply at Renji. “There will be no ‘fucking,’” Byaku said firmly, his voice growing slightly disgusted.

“Oh, so there’re two rules, then, huh?” Renji muttered, not liking that Byaku seemed to find the idea of fucking Renji distasteful.

Byaku’s eyes flashed despite his still-neutral expression. He jerked a little on the leather cord, knot finished. “Lay down,” he commanded. “On your back, arms over your head.”

“Aye, aye, cap’n,” Renji shot back but he obeyed. He felt…A little stupid, actually. He’d been handcuffed before and that kind of shit, but this was…Slower, more personal, and unease made Renji grimace as he tried to get comfortable on his back with his arms up. Once again he felt confidence drain away as he realized he knew nothing about this man, really, and it was maddening. Made him feel like a first class dumbass to be here and just do whatever the pretty man politely suggested, and…

Byaku shifted fast on the bed and straddled Renji’s waist, deliberately putting their cocks side-by-side. In two heartbeats, Renji went from softening under the strain of uncertainty to diamond hard at the proximity. Renji sucked in a startled gasp as Byaku rested his hands on the bed and leaned down until his cheek was next to the redhead’s. Dark hair covered Renji’s face, and a hot mouth pressed a tiny kiss to his temple over the pulse there.

“Are you always so obstinate when you get what you want?” Byaku asked quietly, kissing again. “I told you what I would do; I’m a man of my word.” Lips pressed kisses down Renji’s cheek to his jaw, and he shifted to give Byaku more room. Fingers stole into Renji’s hair and raked through the strands, and Renji felt his words slip away with the glide of Byaku’s hand.

With a gentle nudge, Byaku pushed Renji’s face to one side and a hot tongue traced the pattern of Renji’s ear and made him squirm and sigh. He liked it, he didn’t, but it was Byaku doing it to him, and that seemed to intensify everything tenfold. Renji’s hands flexed in the leather and then clenched into fists as Byaku ground down and into Renji’s erection with his own.

“Fuck,” Renji breathed, and in his ear Byaku chuckled. For reasons lost on Renji, the sound made him hotter, and he felt his cock throb thick and heavy. A hot tongue licked a line down to Renji’s neck, and lips and mouth kissed and lightly sucked at the skin there. The little kisses and nips were driving Renji insane – he wanted it harder and deeper. Wanted to feel teeth and passion and come undone for Byaku.

“More,” Renji demanded. “Come on…”

The words seemed to make Byaku hesitate, and for a second Renji wondered if he’d fucked up somehow.

“Tell me,” Byaku said quietly, nibbling along Renji’s collar bone.

Renji shook a little, body rocking with the shiver. “Kiss me and I’ll show you how I like it,” he rasped.

Byaku shook his head against Renji’s skin, his hair tickling Renji’s suddenly sensitive flesh and making him groan a little in frustration.

“I don’t know…rougher. More. Use teeth and suck and do it like you mean it. Stop teasing me, dammit, I wanna feel you want me.” It was as close as Renji could get to explanation at the moment, and he hoped it would be enough.

A flushed face came into Renji’s field of vision, and Renji watched in abject fascination as Byaku’s tongue wet his bottom lip. “You can’t feel this?” Byaku asked rhetorically as he ground hard against Renji. The redhead moaned and watched as the motion made Byaku’s eyes cloud for a second before he focused again on Renji’s face.

“Or this?” Byaku asked again, and his hand slid down Renji’s body, trailing nails as it went, and hot fingers circled Renji’s length and stroked in a long, sure glide.

“God yeah…that’s…” Byaku’s hand kept moving and Renji could only nod and breathe, hips rising to meet Byaku’s hand. Two days of anticipatory denial and twenty minutes of Byaku made release entirely too close, and the tied wrists were just adding to the fire. A mouth found Renji’s neck and kissed harder – mouth firm, pressure perfect.

“Yes,” Renji hissed. “Faster – fuck, Byaku…faster…”

Byaku complied and teeth bit down on Renji’s earlobe. The redhead grunted as Byaku’s hand moved over him in something close to what Renji needed, and the sheer drive to get off and the heady lust for the brunette made up the difference. Byaku kissed down Renji’s throat and dragged teeth along his collar bone. Heat swirled low and hot in and behind Renji’s balls after a dozen strokes, and he groaned.

God…him doing this is…just…oh fuck…I’m already…

“Close,” he said. “Oh God I’m – “ Renji broke off into an angry growl as Byaku’s hand loosened and then fell away even as his mouth moved along Renji’s jaw.

“Dammit Bya – ” He was interrupted yet again but Renji found he didn’t give a shit as a hot mouth pressed over his own. Byaku pulled back, and the look on his face was priceless: the kiss apparently startled the brunette as much as it did the redhead.

Renji wasted no time letting Byaku think over whatever issues he may have with kissing. Arching up and raising his arms to loop over Byaku’s neck, Renji’s mouth covered Byaku’s and his hands brought the man down to press on top of Renji. Chest slid against chest, cock against cock, and Renji blew out a harsh burst of air through his nose.

Against his lips, Byaku made a noise – shock, irritation, lust – and tried to pull away, but Renji didn’t let him. He ground against Byaku shamelessly seeking friction and slid his mouth over the brunette’s. His fingers tenderly dug into Byaku’s scalp as much as he could manage with the leather, and Renji flicked his tongue against Byaku’s lips, wanting, craving more.

Byaku’s hand slipped down Renji’s side and gripped hard at the redhead’s hip. Byaku bodily held Renji down, but his head turned sideways, as though giving into temptation, and he opened his mouth to Renji’s questing tongue. Groaning loudly and forcing his bound hands further down and around Byaku’s shoulders to hold him tighter, Renji’s tongue lashed and warred with Byaku’s. Renji kissed like he fucked: with everything he had. Byaku made soft sounds of pleasure that Renji swallowed, and Renji’s eyes opened to glare at Byaku when the man pulled away from the kiss.

A focused gaze met Renji’s, and the redhead watched as Byaku brought a palm up to his mouth. Byaku licked his own skin and let saliva slide off his tongue to pool in his hand, and Renji blinked, lips parted.

Task complete, Byaku’s eyes went hard and soft at the same time, and he shifted in Renji’s clutches to work his hand between them. Two seconds later and the brunette had both their cocks in his slippery grip, and Renji groaned outright. His arms flexed around Byaku and brought their lips together for another crushing kiss, and Byaku’s teeth nipped and ate at Renji’s mouth while his hand pulled, explored, and deliberately sought end game.

The room filled with muffled sounds and fast breathing, and Byaku dragged his slick palm over Renji’s length with the fast strokes Renji liked. This time it was even better than the first: Byaku’s cock against his, tongues trying to tangle into knots, Byaku’s damp skin against the redhead’s, Byaku’s body locked in place by Renji’s tight grip…

With a muffled cry and furrowed brow, Renji bit Byaku’s lower lip, teeth bared in a snarl. He hissed through clenched teeth, and it was only out of some sort of masochistic respect for the beautiful man that Renji managed to pull his mouth away when he felt heat pull again in the tip of his cock all too soon.

“Close,” Renji gasped.

The reaction was instantaneous and cruel. Byaku hooked and braced a shin over Renji’s thigh to stop Renji’s hips from moving. Strong hands gripped Renji’s arms and shoved them off Byaku’s body and over Renji’s head. In a startling and somewhat painful move, Byaku maneuvered Renji higher on the bed and grasped a loop of leather around Renji’s wrists. The brunette shoved the loop over the hook, and Renji craned his neck back to watch as a lever pressed in and then snapped back to lock the leather in place. The hook worked, apparently, much like a carabineer, making it a little harder to break free.

“Shit,” Renji said in a shaky breath as he adjusted on the pillows. His cock dribbled and ached, and he felt his balls grow tender. He wanted to protest – tell Byaku to stop this game and let him get off – but he could hear the man speaking words that were his version of a plea –

“…humor me…”

- and Renji found himself struggling to get control over his body. He swallowed, lowering his head again onto the soft cushions.

“Can you feel me now?” Byaku rasped, both knees back on the bed to straddle Renji as he looked down at the redhead. Byaku’s lips were swollen, his chest heaved, and his gray eyes were nearly black.

“Kiss me,” Renji whispered by way of reply, entire body trying to arch back up to recapture Byaku’s mouth. “You taste so good…”

The shiver that rocked Byaku was worth a delayed orgasm and then some. Mouths locking in another dance for dominance, Renji tried to slow this kiss down and give his body a break. He licked over hard palate and teeth and sucked on Byaku’s tongue. When the sucking earned him a long, unrestrained groan, Renji’s mind redlined and he did it again and again until finally Byaku broke away with a pant. Lines of saliva linked their lips, and Renji watched the brunette shift lower to plant a kiss over Renji’s sternum.

“Please…” Renji begged, hips trying to come back up. Byaku shoved him firmly down onto the bed with one hand, the other braced and fisted against the sheet. Renji bit off a whine and tried to focus on what Byaku was doing.

Careful not to touch anyplace Renji desperately wanted Byaku to touch, the brunette licked around and across a hard nipple and then blew over the dampness. Renji shivered a little at Byaku’s efforts, trying to have a long chat with his cock explaining that release might not be on the menu for a while.

“You’re trying to kill me,” Renji muttered as Byaku attacked the other nipple and made Renji squirm. His body felt unnaturally sensitive, and Renji wasn’t sure he liked the sensation; made him feel a bit too much at Byaku’s mercy.

Byaku pulled back and licked his lips, and Renji paused to admire how stunning Byaku looked when flushed and playful. The brunette slowly leaned to one side, reached out a long arm and grabbed the tube of lube, and then gracefully sat upright.

“Not quite,” Byaku said with a smirk.

Renji closed his eyes and focused on breathing. Lips sprinkled kisses across his abdomen, and a tongue traced tattoo lines until Renji was panting in anticipation. It was crazy how the little things were making him hotter than the thought of Byaku’s mouth on his dick, though every time the image flashed behind his closed lids, Renji’s cock positively ached. He wanted to beg, tell Byaku he was beautiful, ask for this to stop, demand that the torture continue…There were too many things warring in his mind, and Renji wasn’t used to that. Sex was simple: get horny, get hard, get to fucking.

But the smooth fingers that seemed to be everywhere and the mouth now pressing gentle kisses to the tops of his thighs made Renji feel the edges of sanity begin to fray. He spread his legs wide, not caring that he looked lewd and wanton. Hell –he wanted to appear as desperate as he felt. Maybe that would inspire mercy or attention or just…Something other than the little teases that were making him moan low in his throat.

“I love this…” A low voice broke the silence, and Renji’s eyes opened as he shifted and looked down. Byaku was situated between Renji’s legs, gaze intent on the redhead’s body. Renji watched pale fingers caress over his hip and the contour of muscle above it. “The indent of muscle and the rise of bone just here…” Byaku continued.

Oh fuck…if he starts talking and doing this, I’m…

“You’re sleek and lean like some sort of wild cat,” Byaku murmured, almost as though he was dictating a memo; an ode to Renji’s nude form. Heart hammering, Renji just stayed silent, eyes staring unblinkingly at Byaku’s wandering hands.

Renji shivered as Byaku grabbed something on the bed. There was a pop, a pause, and then Renji watched as Byaku lay down to rest his cheek on Renji’s thigh. Renji fell back against the pillow and felt a soft hand tease over his side and ribs. The touch made his head spin and his teeth seek his lip to bite down.

“And this…” Byaku said, voice rumbling. Cool fingers grazed over Renji’s dick, and lube smeared in lazy lines. Renji bit his lip harder and felt the skin give.

“Your cock is perfection, Ren.”

Renji gasped as a loose fist closed over his length and smeared palm through slick that smelled like cherries.

“Thick.” Fingers teased at the head. “Straight.” A sweep and press of hand made Renji jerk.

“Beautifully hard.”

“Christing fuck, Byaku - !” Renji shook and his body rolled and tried to find an ending. Byaku seemed willing to give it to him for a few blissful and mind-numbing seconds as his hot hand stroked Renji, long and slow.

“Yes…oh fuck, oh please, yeah…” Renji whimpered through clenched teeth and his breathing went erratic. Byaku picked up the pace and heat rolled through Renji’s abdomen, ass, and cock with a shocking frenzy. Renji gasped as he felt the edge of orgasm finally – oh thank the gods and powers that be finally – get close enough to taste.

Chuckling, Byaku slowed his strokes when Renji tensed and trailed pale fingers downward to tease testicles and taut skin. Renji made a noise that sounded entirely too close to a sob.

“Just breathe,” Byaku said softly and Renji opened his eyes. For a moment, Renji blinked up at Byaku in confusion as he had no idea when the man had moved to kneel between his legs. Then his eyes slid to half mast as he registered hands caressing his skin – one on his chest and the other low and stroking his sac. He wanted to tell Byaku exactly what he could do with his teasing and his damned advice, but the words turned into a grunt when one of Byaku’s fingers slid behind his balls and traced his entrance.

“Oh fuck me, no…” Renji growled, head thrashing to one side.

Byaku hummed a note of curiosity above him and the pad of his finger carefully rubbed back and forth between Renji’s cheeks. “Truly?” Byaku rasped. “I don’t think you really want me to stop, now do you?”

Renji’s legs went wider and his heels dug into the bed as he tilted his pelvis to invite Byaku to do whatever the hell he wanted.

“Good,” Byaku sighed. “Because I want to know what you feel like…” He paused and shifted over Renji, long hair trailing and tickling again before his tongue found a nipple and licked the very tip. “On the inside,” Byaku finished, breath fast and hot on Renji’s skin. The questing finger slowly pressed into Renji and Byaku rolled and moved with the redhead as Renji bucked upward and bore down, trying to feel more.

Renji knew he spoke – pleaded incoherently, begged, demanded – but they were muffled sounds in his ears drowned by the heat that throbbed and burned just beyond his nerves’ reach. Time slowed to a crawl, and it felt like the torture lasted for days. Byaku shifted and stroked Renji hard, swift, and sure while his teeth played havoc on Renji’s neck, his finger teased and explored, and Renji’s body went rigid.

Close,” Renji cried and shook all over when Byaku’s touch became light once again. More noise spilled from Renji’s lips, and honest-to-God he didn’t care how he sounded. The finger caressing his insides was the least of it; Byaku kissed and tongued him with abandon – hard presses, light licks, everything in between. He lapped over Renji’s nipples and then licked downward again. Renji half howled when Byaku’s tongue traced the underside of Renji’s cock, gently circled the head, and then swiped through the slit with a lazy back-and-forth.

PLEASE!” Renji yelled, nearly angry. “Let me come…Christ, let me come…” Byaku’s mouth covered the head of Renji’s dick and a tongue pressed hard to tease the underside. Renji stopped breathing when he felt a harsh suction around the swollen head, and he hissed when the suction continued and teeth gently grazed his skin.

“Please, please…please!” Renji panted in pitched gasps, helpless and hot and lost.

Byaku’s mouth fell away and he breathed against Renji’s dick as the single finger became two and started to slowly pump in and out of Renji’s body. Vision blurry, skin on fire, cock dripping and nearly purple in need, Renji let loose sobbing sounds of desperation and torment and every muscle in his body trembled. His toes curled, his feet dug into the bed for leverage and in an effort to escape. Renji’s head flew to the side in shock and sheer want when Byaku’s fingers picked up their rhythm and so did his hand on Renji’s cock. The brunette tongued and swiped up moisture that pooled and slid from Renji’s dick, and he let saliva add to the glide. Heat didn’t merely bloom in Renji anymore: it ripped and throbbed and threatened.

“Close,” Renji hissed with his eyes squeezed shut, not even knowing why he obeyed. He hated it and wanted it, and his head went back and his neck arched when once again, Byaku slowed to let Renji recede from the edge. Renji forced his throat to work and swallow, and he felt rather than saw Byaku fist his own length and begin to stroke. At the same time, Byaku’s tongue teased Renji’s cock and the fingers inside his body slowly increased their sensuous rhythm in and out of Renji.

It was too much and entirely too little. The delay was new and awful and delicious, and so was Byaku. Renji felt close to being over-sensitized and out of his mind, and he began to beg in earnest through clenched teeth.

“Holy fuck stop…please stop…”

Renji couldn’t take it – nothing was enough to get him off and he’d been so close so damned many times after two days of thinking about Byaku; after two days of getting hard over mere memory and not touching…it was…just…

“Fucking piece of shit bastard…I-I can’t…”

Byaku kept Renji on the rim of oblivion, and above Renji the leather creaked under tension. Renji’s fingers clutched at the bindings for dear life and sanity, and he thought he would kill Byaku with his cock for this; fuck him until he cried.

“More, goddamnit, oh please…I…I…”

Renji could feel Byaku’s hand moving on the brunette’s cock, and that was cruel beyond measure because such friction was denied to Renji. Byaku’s tongue swiped up the continuous weep of liquid from the end of Renji’s dick, and occasionally Byaku would cover the head with his mouth and suck hard before pulling back to licking and teasing. Renji was reduced to a whining, whimpering mess, and he felt like he was drowning.

“Perfect,” Byaku whispered after unending moments. “Gods you’re perfect…”

Renji snarled and yanked hard enough on the leather bindings to make them cut through the silk and into his flesh. He felt slickness on his wrist and thought he might be bleeding but didn’t give a shit. He was beyond anything but desperate need, and he thought he might be close to passing out. The thought wasn’t rational in his brain – just a picture in a mind reduced to sensation and imagery and red-gray haze.

“Thank you,” Byaku said – strangely – and Renji frowned and somehow managed to raise his head off of the pillows he’d half-thrashed out of the way. His eyes drank up the sight of a disheveled and debased Byaku stroking himself with a painful-looking pace. Renji saw and felt the man’s mouth close over his cock, hooded dark gray eyes rolling up to meet his gaze. The fingers inside Renji shoved forward and curled up, pressing and touching a prostate that was more bloody sensitive than it had any right to be – than Renji had ever felt in his life – and all the sensation and visuals crashed like a thunderclap. There was no preamble, no warning, and no time to say a damned thing.

Renji bit a scream into pieces and came.

Moaning, Byaku’s tongue and mouth fumbled and caught most of what Renji had to give, and Renji felt searing heat against his leg as Byaku came hard by his own hand. The pleasure didn’t seem to fucking stop – and Renji choked on it. The leather gave way above him, snapping in violence, and the hook shifted in the wall with the sound of shredding plaster. Wave after endless fucking wave tore Renji asunder until finally he collapsed only to hiss a curse as fingers and mouth pulled away from overly-tender skin. It was perfect and awful in the way it rendered Renji helpless, and he could do nothing more than lay and shake on the soiled sheets.

Next to him, Byaku fell onto the bed, breathing gulps of air. His eyes were closed, sweat covered his skin, and Renji blinked dazedly and watched him for a moment. Unconsciousness seemed unreasonably close, and Renji struggled to stay awake, his eyes sliding shut on their own accord. Renji managed to open them one last time, and he smiled when he saw Byaku looking at him with a gaze made of calm seas.

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