Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

Bleach Fanfiction // Closet Games // Chapter 4

Author: Darkprism
Title: Closet Games
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Renji & Byakuya (Ren/Bya & Bya/Ren)
Word Count: ~44,000 in total
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, language, mild kink, toys, voyeurism, did I mention sex? There's lots of it.
Notes: This story is set in my world, Monoshizukanohi. There are minor references to Naruto characters as they exist in that world.

Life's good for Abarai Renji and gets better when he meets a mysterious man in a bookstore erotica aisle. But what starts out as a casual fling quickly turns into something more. Who is this man who refused to tell Renji his name? And what will Renji do now that he's fallen for him?

Renji’s eyes flew open in the darkness and his entire body tensed waiting for the things under the bed to rear up and remove his liver for a midnight snack.

When his body was still in tact a moment later, Renji blew out a puff of air and pushed up off his stomach with his right arm.

This…was not his bed.

It was the Magnolia’s bed. Right. But it was still confusing as this was not the bed Renji remembered passing out on earlier.

Shoving his hair out of his face in annoyance, Renji saw the heavy curtains covering the windows and door onto the balcony flutter with the air conditioning. Taking stock, Renji realized he was naked, clean, and comfortable. His wrists were wrapped in soft bandages, and the skin underneath stung and pulled painfully when Renji flexed experimentally. The ornate clock on the antique night stand told him it was 4:21 a.m., and Renji had no idea how he got into this huge bed or into what had to be the master bedroom. Did he do the thing where he was awake but basically sleepwalking? Probably. Byaku must have –

With a harsh intake of air, Renji jerked his head to the right and nearly passed out again in shock. In the place where Renji truly thought he’d find carefully made covers or just empty space, Byaku lay curled on his side, curved spine to Renji. The covers were shoved down, Byaku’s knees were drawn up into his chest, and he wore pajama bottoms and nothing else. Dark hair spilled over the white pillow and pale arms were tucked into a slowly rising and falling torso.

Renji looked at the Byaku Knot and thought that the man probably paid a small fortune to his chiropractor every year.

Reaching out a hand to touch, Renji stopped himself, thinking better of it. He hesitated.

Eh…Fuck it. If this is the only time I get to be with him like this…then…

Slowly Renji slid across the soft, down mattress until he lay next to Byaku. He looked cold and uncomfortable, but Renji didn’t want to wake the man up from a dead sleep or do something that would offend him. Weighing the options, Renji finally decided to just pull the blanket up to cover Byaku. He gently shifted the fabric over Byaku’s resting form and maneuvered a pillow closer in preparation to lying down. He tried not to jostle the bed or Byaku overmuch, and winced when his leg accidentally shifted and brushed Byaku’s foot.

After a few rustling moments, Renji put his head down on the soft pillow and contemplated what the hell to do with his hands. He wanted to wrap his arms around Byaku and try to get him to relax into the embrace.

Some part of Renji laughed at the idea of Byaku ever relaxing into anything.

With a soft sigh, Renji settled for shoving his left hand under his own pillow and resting his right hand gently on top of the blanket at Byaku’s waist.

Renji’d just closed his eyes when he felt warm fingers brush his own. Immediately alert, Renji lay still and felt his skin begin to tingle as Byaku traced his knuckles and the back of Renji’s hand. Such a simple thing, but it made internal pieces of Renji roil and shift in a way that made his heartbeat quicken.

Cautiously, Renji moved forward and brushed his lips over Byaku’s bare shoulder. The urge to babble and break the silence was hard to contain, but Renji did it. Filling this silence with commentary on earlier and how amazing it was or telling Byaku that he was thrilled and stunned to find him sharing a bed with Renji seemed…cheap.

So instead, Renji found skin and dropped soft kisses to Byaku’s back and shoulder and hoped that would say all that needed saying.

After a moment, Byaku silently uncoiled his body and stretched out his legs. His hand fell away from Renji’s to lie on the bed, and Renji took the opportunity to touch and feel his way across Byaku’s ribs and stomach. He pressed the flat of his palm over Byaku’s navel and let his fingers gently draw inward to lightly scrape and play with the soft hair leading downward. It was just a touch, just an assurance that Renji was, well…there. Awake and content and all good things.

A second later and the hand was back over Renji’s, and the redhead’s fingers stilled. Thinking Byaku wanted him to stop so that the brunette could sleep, Renji lay back down. He pulled his hand from beneath his pillow and brushed dark strands of Byaku’s hair out of his way, fingers barely touching Byaku’s back as Renji moved

Renji felt rather than heard Byaku’s breathing pick up speed, and Renji’s eyes remained open and wide in the darkness. Again he started to say something – reassure the man, apologize for waking him up, anything to sooth him.

But words froze when the muscles beneath their linked hands trembled ever-so-slightly, and Byaku slowly shifted Renji’s palm down and beneath the waist of the silk pants. The movement was hesitant – like Byaku didn’t know if Renji would do this or Byaku didn’t know if he did or should want this in the first place. Byaku stopped moving their hands just under the pants, and Renji saw and felt Byaku’s head turn more toward the pillow. Ashamed, aroused or some combination thereof, Renji didn’t know, but he offered no resistance and didn’t move. Renji barely breathed while he waited for an eternity counted in mere seconds until finally Byaku moved Renji’s palm to cover his hardening length beneath the silky fabric.


Byaku didn’t do anything else, but he didn’t remove his hand, either. Renji exhaled a long, silent flow of air and slowly wrapped his fingers one at a time around Byaku. With each finger-length of contact, Byaku’s chest rose and fell faster, and Renji felt the bed shift as he shivered.

Renji had no idea what role sex played in Byaku’s life, but obviously it was a bit player and far from even a supporting part. The man was gorgeous, wealthy, and probably powerful. He could take lovers the globe over if he wanted, and probably did.

But he still shook in Renji’s arms as the redhead shifted to press against Byaku’s back; trembled as Renji’s lips once again found bare shoulder and kissed; and he gasped as Renji’s fingers began to move skin and muscle into firmness. In six strokes Byaku was hard and Renji watched almost detached as slim fingers retreated from Renji’s skin and gripped at the sheet.

He’s incredible like this…

“Did you dream about me?” Renji whispered so softly that someone standing at the foot of the bed wouldn’t be able to hear him. Byaku went rigid, but Renji didn’t stop his gentle stroking, the soft kisses, or the words spoken in between the press of lips. He couldn’t stop – not now. Not when things felt so natural and safe and hot and heavy.

“I dreamed about you,” Renji confessed. Byaku’s head came back, carefully, and Renji took the move for the hint it was and pressed a light kiss to Byaku’s ear.

“Dreamed about touching you, about my mouth sliding down your body, wrapping around...” Renji gripped Byaku a little tighter and stroked once a little rougher. The noise he pulled from Byaku was sweet and delicious.

“I could listen to that sound all night every night…I could do this,” Renji stroked harsh and fast again twice to make his point. “Every hour of every day. The way you feel, smell, look, sound…it’s just…It’s perfect.”

Byaku’s breathing grew labored and his hips twitched to meet Renji’s hand. The redhead smiled a little, a lazy thrill coursing through his body.

“I think you did dream about me. Thought about tying me up and making me scream for you.”

Byaku moaned, and every fiber of Renji’s body shivered and responded to that reaction like Byaku pulled his puppet strings.

“Yeah…you fuckin’ loved that,” Renji said and kissed Byaku’s cheek. The brunette’s eyes were open and Renji watched him blink once, saw his dry lips part.

“Teasing me.” Renji nibbled Byaku’s ear and growled the next words. “Drinkin’ my cum.”

Byaku’s hand flew to Renji’s wrist and stopped him as he rolled over to face the redhead with a swift grace. Lips slammed into Renji’s with bruising force and Byaku’s other hand came up to wrap in Renji’s hair and yank. Renji gasped out of the side of his mouth and still Byaku didn’t let up the pressure against his lips, on his wrist, or in his hair.

Finally Renji pulled back and licked at Byaku’s mouth and that was enough to make the other man wrench his head away to hiss.


Renji shuddered to hear his full name and watched with heated gaze as Byaku’s eyes squeezed shut and he grimaced before speaking again.

“Get me off.” Byaku panted into the air above them. “God, Renji, make me come.” Lust-laden eyes met Renji’s in the dark. “Do it.”

Hot air mixed in the millimeters between their lips, and Renji swallowed thickly. The rushed plea in the command, the look, the smell –

Cherry blossoms.

- were enough to light fires in every nerve center in Renji’s brain. Renji kissed the desperate brunette while his hands yanked down Byaku’s pants and freed his leaking length. Renji’s hand stroked mercilessly while his tongue did a wet, lashing job against Byaku’s. The tiny noises Byaku made were lunatic in their ability to get Renji hard and hot, and finally he broke away to fly down Byaku’s body. Renji lifted Byaku’s top leg, rested it over his own shoulder, and his mouth covered Byaku’s leaking cock in one harsh suck.

Renji!” Byaku cried, and fuck all but it made the redhead crazy. His mouth worked a frantic rhythm and Renji slid his hand from the top of Byaku’s leg to between them, teasing balls and then back further to press his thumb over Byaku’s entrance. He found it spasming – twitching – and Renji nearly came with Byaku’s taste on his tongue and noises of need in his ears.

Hands gripped Renji’s hair and everything became shades of chaos. Renji tongued weeping slit, pressed along veins, and let saliva slick his way as he jerked his head up and down Byaku’s cock. The man above him cried out and cursed with abandon, the noises so full of heat and want that Renji could only moan with him.

“Please. Fuck. God yes. Holy Christ - holy shit - Didn’t…know…it was…oh fuck me…Renji – nnn-ah!”

Too much and too good. Renji rolled them with such force that Byaku slammed against the mattress and jerked Renij’s hair hard enough to pull several strands free. Renji didn’t even feel it as he focused on sucking Byaku dry and let his other hand reach down and fist himself in a fast blur.

Seconds went by punctuated by moans, slaps of skin, and wet sounds until Byaku went completely still beneath Renji.

Shit yeah…come for me…

“Oh…fuck!” The cry was loud enough to hurt Renji’s ears, and he managed to swallow liquid heat once before Byaku yanked hard on Renji’s hair. The move pulled Renji away from the brunette’s spurting cock with half a mouthful, and Renji tried to focus enough to swallow as Byaku pulled Renji up the brunette’s body, mouth seeking and finding Renji’s. Renji couldn’t make his throat work, and a hot tongue pried open his lips. Worry flared but faded fast, and Renji’s eyes went wide in hard lust and sheer shock as Byaku ate his own cum out of Renji’s mouth with an eager noise.

Renji kissed Byaku with a clash of teeth, forehead set in a deep frown, and his breathing got fast and staccato through his nose. Renji’s hand pumped viciously swift, and then Renji came with several soft grunts and a hand twisted in the sheet. Byaku groaned into Renji’s mouth as the redhead covered Byaku’s stomach with hot seed, and the orgasm was barely done with him before Renji collapsed down in a sticky mess, utterly spent.

The men lay gasping and didn’t say a word until finally by mutual, silent agreement they disentangled from one another. Renji rolled onto his back with an arm over his eyes and sighed, trying to make his pulse slow down. He felt something hit his chest, and when he looked he saw Byaku stripping pillows to serve as rags. Renji gave himself a perfunctory swipe and waited while Byaku did a more thorough job on his own torso.

Then Renji grabbed Byaku and pulled him into a tight embrace. He let the slightly smaller man get comfortable, kissed him once on the top of the head, and then fell into a deep, dreamless, sleep.


Renji woke himself up snoring and made an unhappy chuffing noise, one hand coming up to rub over his face. The room was full of gray light, and Renji didn’t need to look to confirm that he was alone, but he did it anyway. Byaku wasn’t there, but evidence of their night together in the form of rumpled sheets and naked pillows still was. Renji sighed and looked at the clock.

“One?” Renji yelped and sat up. “Shitting hell!”

Thoughts of check-out times and walks of shame and God only knew flew through Renji’s brain as he tried to untangle his legs from the blankets. It wasn’t until he was on his feet and cursing that he saw the small bottle on top of a note, both perched on the nightstand next to the bed. The sight made Renji go completely still for a second or two before he snatched up both items, one in each hand.

“Ren” scrawled and looped over the ivory paper in handwriting that certainly put Renji’s chicken scratch to shame. Renji carefully set aside the bottle – which was marked only with a symbol that meant nothing to Renji – and lifted the folded page to read the note.

“Dial 212 for Jameson if you want breakfast. Food and room are under my care and at your disposal. You have my gratitude. Enjoy.”

Renji read the note twice and then carefully set it aside. Curious, he picked up the little bottle. It was shiny, solid black, the symbol a sweeping thing in embossed silver. On the bottom of the vial he could make out tiny words, but they were in French. He unscrewed the cap and immediately grinned.

The scent of cherry blossoms rose rich and ripe from the semi-stopped bottle. After some inspection, Renji determined it was after-shave lotion.

Smiling, Renji sat on the edge of the bed and breathed in Byaku until his stomach growled, and he decided to see what was for breakfast.

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